Thursday, June 18, 2015

Color poetry- GREEN


            Green is the color that reminds me of the                  hulk that attacks enemies.
           Green is the color of the fresh blade of                      grass.
            Green is the color of the juicy grapes.
            Green is the color that reminds me of my                 friend

             No why my favorite color is green.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Winter Sports

In Room 12 we have been playing Volleyball with Ashley from Waikato Sports. It has been a really fun time with Ashley and showing us how to play Volleyball. Ashley has taught us how  to do a set and dig. And we also played a game called Dead Fish and that game was really fun.
I really love Volleyball!!!!!  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Room 12's Assembly

Friday 24th of April was the day to have room 12's assembly.  The favourite part of the assembly was the Just Dance, the song was called "We're all in this together ". My role in the assembly was to tell the school how to make Trioramas. In the assembly we did skits which is like a play. My skit was swimming, the people that were in my swimming skit were Jen and Gina. The assembly was really fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Karakariki Christian Camp

On 16th of March ready to go to a  place I have never been to,"Come on guys lets jump on the bus I shouted". OMG I  was freaking out to take my first step in Karakariki Camp. At camp we first had to look at our dorms and then we had to walk to our overnight camp area. When we got there we got ready to do our tramp I was feeling nervous.When we got back we had dinner and our dinner was chili con carne with salad."Time to go to bed now room 12 Mrs Roskam Said clearly". Good night everyone !!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The buddy's

In room 12  and room 10 we have been making our buddy's, Mine is the one with the apron  which is called the artist. The people that are in my group is Me And Tartiana and Jordiss, Hannah, Ashlyn they are in room 10. We had fun doing our buddy's we appreciate room 10 for the help thats why they are our buddy's

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Should children chhosetheir own bedtime?

Should children choose their own bedtime?

A sensible idea would be to not let children choose their own bedtime, because children would be late for school and would fall asleep in class. This will happen by watching TV and mucking around before going to bed. 

Naturally I feel they would be tired and grumpy in the morning. They will feel restless moody, exhausted and droopy. They will not focus or listen. Their parents will get annoyed by all the silly nonsense.

Others may disagree because children would feel like adults choosing there bedtime. it's great because they would choose the time at they are actually sleepy, because parent will choose the earliest bed time.

Everybody knows that parents will get cross with their kids nagging all the time. "Its never gonna help your parents with that headache. 

We can see from the evidence that children should not choose their own bedtime so that doesn't happen. Otherwise you would wake up with a grumpy child\children or sibling and sullen parents!

Please comment below with your preference!